Author: Matt Lauder

Caring for your Drone Battery

So if your new to Drone life the sure way to quickly end it is to not look after your batteries and give them a short life span or worse still have the battery fail on you mid-flight and it takes a one way ticket to the ground. When I got my DJI Phantom 4 Pro the guys at Camzilla included a great leaflet that was titled “Getting the most out of your LiPo Batteries and I wanted to share it with you and expand on a few things from my own experience. There are four main points they...

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone High ISO Test

So after flying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro for over a month now I have run it through its paces in terms of the cameras capability. One of the important factors is how does the camera go when the ISO is increased. Below is a series of images shot during the day at Bronte Beach on Sydney’s Eastern Beaches over the local ocean baths. The camera settings were F11 with a starting shutter speed of 1/200th of a sec. The camera was shot in aperture priority. Each image shutter speed corresponds exactly one stop with the ISO change. With...

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Understanding how to use your Lee Big Stopper Correctly

When I first started using 10 stop ND (Neutral Density) Filters it was on film cameras shooting velvia 50 slide film. The Lee Big Stopper hadn’t been made yet and my only option was the B+W 10 stop ND which screwed into the front of the lens. Now with the buzz of digital photography and the demand on equipment that lets you manipulate light the birth of the Lee Big Stopper was made. It is a great product just like the B+W filter but it slides perfectly into your Lee Filters Foundation Kit holder which is handy. Shooting with...

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Whats the Best Camera Memory Card To Buy

I remember when I had my first digital camera the Canon 20D and with it, I got a 250MB card and I never thought I needed more memory at the time as a card that was like 1 GIG was so expensive. Then over the years and upgrading my camera gear the need for larger cards became essential but with that, the price dropped. But for me, I always made sure that the card I upgraded too met my needs in terms of memory. But when I started doing aerial photography and may need to shoot a lot of...

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Shooting with and how to Use Full Neutral Density Filters

The full Neutral Density (ND) Filter is the landscape photographer’s best friend, second to the polariser. The ND filters different strengths allow you to achieve shutters speeds not possible in certain lighting scenes so you can achieve that perfect movement effect or you can extend your shutter speed for a very long time to create amazing movement effects that are impossible to do without the use of one. In this article we are going to look at the Types of ND filters, the best brands you can buy, if you’re on a budget and can only afford one full...

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