Author: Matt Lauder

Mastering Long Exposure Photography With Your Digital Camera

Long exposure photography comes down to achieving shutter speeds not possible without special ND (Neutral Density) filters to slow things down, with the control of shutter speed you also need a correct exposure. So what constitutes long exposure photography? On sunset or sunrise, it could be one or two minutes, it could be 5 or 10. During the day when your shutter speed is usually anything from 1/125th of a second and faster a long exposure could be a 1-second shot where at sunset or sunrise this would be considered a relatively normal exposure. For me, I look at...

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10 Common Mistakes in Long Exposure Photography You Can Avoid

Over the years I have had a lot of fun shooting long exposures on film and also digital using full Neutral Density Filters. Like everything it has a learning curve that you have to accept through trial and error, but reading through tutorials and articles like this I hope to iron out some of the oversights beginners or even experienced photographers can make or overlook, I know I still do from time to time that’s for sure. The whole idea of long exposure photography is to get a correctly exposed image that is nice and sharp and free from...

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How and What to Consider when buying your first digital camera

Everyone wants to take great photos and buying the right camera and lens is certainly one of the first steps. But with a market flooded with makes and models, it is certainly a daunting task to someone new to the photography world and with your hard earned money you want to make the right choice. Over the years of buying my own camera gear and teaching hundreds of people and seeing what they got and hearing their stories and answering their questions, I am going to pass onto you my thoughts on how you should go about getting your...

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How to do Digital Panoramic Landscape Photography

Mount Wilson – 5 image panoramic stitch – F11 @ 1 sec, 50 iso – Photoshop Photomerge. As a landscape photographer that cut his teeth shooting wide-angle panoramic images on a film camera I find it hard to beat a good panoramic scene and I think for any photographer when they see their images all come together it is impressive. But back in the day, I had it easy, my film camera did all the hard work, it was only one image, all the water aligned perfectly and my horizon was straight, my exposure was even through the image...

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How to Remove Sun Flare from Your Digital Photos – No Photoshop

What I love about photography is how simple some things are, but you can struggle for so long when you have a light bulb moment and the solution is so obvious. One of these struggles is when you have no option but to shoot into the rising sun. Shooting directly into the sun I find is easier than with it on the side. In my article “How to Shoot Directly into the Sun and Get Away with It” I talk about how to do it correctly, but sun flare is a common enemy. Sometimes the flare works for you...

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