When you search for companies to register a website with the list is extensive and there are some that offer the price of the website address at a very low price. But from my experience as someone who is experienced in the online world and having built my own first website from scratch and run it for over 16 years I know how daunting of a task it is to get your website up and running especially as a beginner to all this and all you want to do is to get it up and running and get on with the job at hand of being a photographer. So let’s get started.


Who you buy your web address off (Domain name) will have no bearing on the performance of your website, it basically comes down to the price you’re going to pay for the address and reliability of the company you buy it off.

For us fellow Australians who are wanting to purchase a .com.au domain name then I recommend Net Registry, they recently acquired the company that was home to my .com.au domain names.

If your looking for a .com domain name then places like GoDaddy is a popular choice. (Note you can also buy your .com.au from them as well).

What I find works really well is to keep all your domain names in the one place, regardless if you find a place selling domains cheaper if it means paying a few extra dollars to keep it at the same place as your other registrations, then so be it.


If you have found a company you’re going to host your website with, odds are they will also offer a service where you can purchase your domain name through. With this option, it is handy as you will find that they will also handle the set up of your domain name and it will be ready for your new website.

A word of caution a lot of hosting companies will be good but it is the after sales service that you’re going to rely on. 20% of the websites these days run on the WordPress platform and is growing every year. Your hosting company should have a one-click installation of WordPress for you or do this as a free service. So then you can get on with working on the design of your website. But if your planning on hiring a designer then this won’t be a problem as they will do this for you.


When you go to buy your domain name from your chosen company if you’re registering a .com.au then you’re going to need an Australian ABN (Australian Business Number) to do so. You don’t need any special information to register a .com web address. As mentioned in our #### article, it is good to buy the .com.au and also the .com version of your website.

One thing to note when you register your domain name is very soon after you register you are going to get SPAM emails from companies wanting to build you a website, maybe even a phone call as when you register your domain the information you use as the contact details are public record and can be found in the WHOIS directory which is now a required part of the process. You can update your information later so if you’re worried maybe use an email address you don’t monitor or you use for junk subscriptions. Companies that contact you like this are similar to Ambulance chasing lawyers… they’re desperate for business.